The Fit Ninja, Maggie Kattan

I'm Committed
to Your Fitness

I developed The Fit Ninja program to help you get healthier, leaner and stronger with changes that last.

Maggie Kattan, The Fit Ninja

“I am passionate about eating and moving for optimal performance. I live and breathe fitness. That’s just who I am.”
–Maggie Kattan, The Fit Ninja

I'll Get You There

My purpose is to get you in shape while teaching you to master your cravings and balance your hunger hormones. You just need to bring your discipline and best efforts for 12 weeks, and I guarantee that you’ll see results.

You Have Time

Very few people can “live” at the gym or set aside large chunks of time every day to work out. That’s why these workouts are fast (usually 25-40 minutes in duration), and you can do them at home. No need for a gym membership or fancy equipment.

I'll Give you the Star Treatment

I will serve as your personal coach and guide you through purposeful action. You’ll be able to reach out to me for support, motivation, and clarification when you’re stuck or just need a nudge in the right direction.

Plus, you’ll be accountable with daily check-ins, meal postings, and more. We’ll get you there together!


I am a USA Track & Field Level 1 Certified Coach, Cross Country Coach and a TRX Coach with certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University. I am also an Ironman, marathoner, triathlete, entrepreneur, wife and mom. I have always lived an active life, and I challenge myself every year to pursue new ways to improve my body and fitness level. I am passionate about eating and moving for optimal performance. I live and breathe fitness. That’s just who I am.

My fascination started at the age of 14. I came from a generation of women focused on aerobics classes, and instead opted for lifting iron in the weight room. I loved the way it made me feel when I transformed and sculpted my body, and that feeling is just as strong 32 years later.

Through this program I get to experience that overwhelmingly positive emotion when members send in their progress photos and drop a dress size….Many of them are achieving goals that they gave up on long ago because of challenges with work, family, time commitments, age and energy. My belief is that while you may never be 18 again, you can always be your best YOU, now. It just takes a decision and committed effort, because those things that are worth doing, are worth doing well.

I’m ready to help you lose weight and get stronger… What are you waiting for?

The Fit Ninja, Maggie Kattan


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