in 12 WEEKS!

Shred 5-10-15-20 pounds of fat and get leaner and more confident than you can possibly imagine. Start sculpting a strong, sexy, fit body at any age with the 12-Week Fit Ninja Ultimate Body program.

  • Hands-on Fitness & Lifestyle coaching
  • One-on-One Interview
  • Expert Nutritional Guidelines
  • 3-Week Guided Detox
  • Weekly Web-Based Full Body Workouts
  • Community Support
  • Daily Communication via Chat
  • Regular Check-ins
  • One-Private Consultation Monthly
  • ...and more!
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Maybe you’ve tried working out in the past and got only limited results. Or perhaps you’ve bounced from diet to diet only to gradually gain MORE weight over time. The Fit Ninja will arm you with high-energy workouts that keep challenging your body. You’ll also learn how your food choices can accelerate your lean body transformation, or sabotage it completely.

Getting in shape doesn’t require hours in the gym and severe calorie restriction. Work SMARTER, not HARDER, using a cutting-edge approach to training and nutrition based on the latest science. You’ll melt fat and develop lean muscle every week from the comfort of your home.

Built for
Maximum Results
in Minimum Time

By focusing on bodyweight exercises, you’ll get a full-body workout that activates all of your major muscle systems, priming them for muscle tone, strength building and fat burning…FAST. Customizable weekly workouts address all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced so that you can get results as you build the best body of your life.

JOIN NOW ($197) – SOLD OUTRegistration Closes AUG 13 – Limited Slots Available

Ready to see a leaner, stronger body in the mirror?
With the Fit Ninja, you will:

  • Transform your body with new workouts every week that keep your body guessing. The weekly workout plans provide strength training, cardio conditioning, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and core workouts for all levels.
  • Skip the gym. All workouts, including cardio, can be completed at home with a few pieces of basic equipment. Eliminate gym membership fees, fancy equipment costs and rush-hour drive time.
  • Make every minute count. Think you don’t have enough time? Each workout is designed to deliver maximum results in just 30-45 minutes, providing a metabolic boost that goes for days.
  • Eat healthier. You’ll establish new, healthy eating patterns while eliminating old habits that are preventing you from achieving your best body. Learn to master cravings, control hunger hormones and transform your body into the ultimate fat-burning machine.
  • Be accountable. With daily exercise and meal check-ins, weekly weigh-ins and a community chat, you’ll have the support and motivation you need to be successful. You’ll also have access to me on a daily basis and I’ll guide you through every step of the way.

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