Change Your Strategy

Change Your Strategies

If you are not seeing the results you want – Change Your Strategy.

Strategies are the plans that we make to achieve our goals. One mistake that is usually made during the planning stages is to fail to address potential obstacles. This might be because of inexperience or lack of knowledge or vision. So the goals are never reached. One needs to be able to see ahead, and be prepared for the unexpected.

Another big mistake is to think that the strategies are set in stone and can not be changed. People change, circumstances change, so you have to be prepared to adapt and make the necessary moves to keep your goals moving in the right direction. If your strategies are failing you, it’s time to rewrite your plan.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail.
– Benjamin Franklin

Example of a successful diet strategy
If you know you are weak when it comes to junk food:

  • Don’t keep junk food in your house.
  • Plan ahead so that you always carry healthy snacks with you.
  • Eat before going out to dinner parties.
  • Don’t let yourself become too hungry before eating.
  • Always have something easy to prepare at home in case you are running late or hungry.
  • Have healthy snacks around.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time.

You can use this concept in every area of your life. Examine your strategies often and fix your mistakes quickly so that the impact of those mistakes are not so dramatic. Be flexible and adapt to change in order to achieve the results you are after.


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