Lessons We Can Learn from Our Children

Lessons we can learn from our children

Children are curious, courageous, and honest. They have so much love to give. Not just love for one another, but love for nature and life itself. They know how to enjoy themselves, they laugh with abandon and they have a free spirit that allows them to create and dream. As adults, we spend most of our life trying to recreate those feelings and emotions.

Below are 10 valuable lessons that we can learn from our little ones.

Lesson 1 – Make every day count.
Children don’t carry baggage from day to day, every day is a fresh start. A new day to make new friends, learn new things, explore their world, or pass a new level on their XBox. A new day, represents a world of possibilities. Make your day count.

Lesson 2 – Embrace creativity.
Whether they are imagining worlds or creating characters for their playtime, children are always in a state of creativity. For them, there is little distinction between dreams and reality. They can immerse themselves in their fantastic worlds where everything is possible. They are artists by nature, they paint, they sing, they dance. They are diamonds in the rough. It’s time to embrace your creativity.

Lesson 3 – Be courageous.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey

Children are fearless, they love, laugh and forgive with abandon. They are not stopped by fear of failure or humiliation. So leave all your limiting thoughts behind and decide to live with passion.

Lesson 4 – Laugh with abandon.
Children have the ability to find joy in anything and everywhere. They have the capacity to laugh even in the most difficult of situations. As adults, we forget how to laugh and find joy in the little things. It’s time to laugh hard and often.

Lesson 5 – Play More.
Children live to play. They are always full of energy and vitality. Yes, play can energize us, too. It can ease our burdens and renew our spirit.
Play frees us and rejuvenates us… what are you waiting for?

Lesson 6 – Embrace friendship.
Children love to be surrounded by friends.Their philosophy is, the more the better. They don’t hold back, they seek togetherness. Friends enrich our lives, so nurture your relationships.

Lesson 7 – Be a hero.
Children love to be heroes and to lend a helping hand. They want to show their loved through acts of kindness, even though some of those might backfire. They are not afraid of rejection. Even when you have said no many times they keep insisting that they want to help. Are you embracing your inner hero?

Lesson 8 – Don’t fear your mistakes.
When children fall and need stitches, they become superstars, survivors, warriors. Their scars are like badges that they wear proudly. As we get older we try to hide our problems and misfortunes, because we think they represent signs of weakness. We fear rejection and humiliation, when in fact sharing our problems can help unload some of the pain. Life is made in the mistakes.

Lesson 9 – Be fearless.
Children are fearless, they will dive into a pool, jump on a trampoline, try new sports, because they don’t fear the unknown, they embrace it. As adults, we fear change. We’d rather be safe and comfortable in our familiar corner rather than explore a new world of possibilities. Stepping out of your comfort zone will awaken your spirit.

Lesson 10 – Get curious.
Children love to observe nature and their surroundings. They like to ask questions and increase their knowledge base. They are natural explorers, and they actively pursue answers. As we age, we stop asking questions and we grow comfortable with our surroundings. Seldom do we pursue our dreams because we just stopped being curious about what else could be waiting for us.

I invite you to put some of these lessons in practice and don’t forget to thank your children, for they are the best teachers we could ever have.


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