Ring In The New Year

Ring In The New Year

WOW, WHAT A YEAR! We did it, we survived 2020. We experienced adversity and rose to the occasion. We Zoomed, we chatted away, became better communicators, we worked from home, some of you became teachers (done that, got the t-shirt), full time cooks, caretakers, therapists, and survivalists.

2020 changed our lives forever. I’m definitely not the same person I was 12 months ago. I have gone through the fire, and come out alive.

There were so many lessons learned. The biggest takeaway for me, is that I needed very little to be happy, and family was at the center of my life. Even though I had to relinquish control over circumstances around me, I was able to do what was necessary to thrive and grow.

I learned to treasure the simple things in life. Like a run in the park, rain droplets on my shoulders and every ray of sunlight that lit my way. More than ever I appreciated the Spring, its sights and sounds, the scorching Summer heat and the gentle breeze that the Fall ushered in. Now, that the Winter is here, it doesn’t seem so grim.

I was blessed to be able to exercise safely, outdoors. My morning outings became my escape, my therapy, my medicine. Without them I would have gone INSANE. This year, I worked out every day, I logged more miles and more training hours than ever before. Ohh sweet escape. I literally found happy in every step.

Today I stand stronger than ever. I know that even though I have no control of what lies ahead, I have survived this dumpster fire of a year and I am better prepared to face what comes next. Today I stand stronger than ever because of it.

Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year.
Take care and be safe.
Much love, Maggie


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